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Alfriston Driveway - 04.11.2013

Back in February we had overhauled the back garden (click here for info), now for the front!


The oversized Beech tree made an awkward entrance with no turning space. Its roots also had pulled apart the existing concrete and tarmac drive. We removed the tree and root ball so there wouldn't be any future problems.


The levels were reduced to create one natural level across the site to make a more user friendly driveway. 35 tonne of soil was excavated to change the level and accommodate a driveway base.


A new soak-away needed to be installed because the existing one was none existant and drained to under the current driveway. This had to be moved.


Brick and sleeper raised beds were installed to break up the size of the site to create a prime space for the client to show off her gardening knowledge and skills.


A patio entrance and pathways were all laid in Raj Green Sandstone to link the same materials used in the back garden. A covering front path from the road created an inviting walk up towards the front of the house.


The brick fan across the entrance to the driveway helps stop the aggregate from spilling onto the road. The aggregate is a large angular 40 - 70mm grade which locks together better than small Pee-Beach.